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Adult (13-64) $21.95
Senior (65+) $20.95
Children (2-12) $16.95
Under 2 FREE
* SAVE $3:00 off each admission by visiting the park Monday - Friday!
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1664 Venable Rd
Hope Hull, AL 36043
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Giraffe Feeding

The giraffe is a strong, majestic animal native to the African wilderness. It is unlike any other animal on earth and seems almost like some prehistoric creature from the dinosaur era. That's why it isn't surprising that kids and adults are fascinated by this animal and will take any opportunity to see it. Companies like Alabama Safari Park make it easier. They offer intimate giraffe feeding experiences and drive-thru safaris so you can see and interact with these majestic animals. Read more about Giraffe Feeding »

Wildlife Conservation

Conservation of wildlife is humankind's responsibility. If we don't act, some of the most majestic animals on this planet will become extinct. Most people can't afford to donate their time or money to this cause, but they can support in other ways. Organizations like Alabama Safari Park work tirelessly to spread awareness, educate children, and support programs for wildlife conservation. Read more about Wildlife Conservation »

Petting Zoo

It's never too early to introduce children to animals, especially safe and domesticated ones. Regular interaction with different animals can stimulate their mind. Interaction with animals can teach children about patience, self-control, kindness and care, and empathy. That's one of the reasons why childcare experts encourage parents to have a pet at home. Establishments like Alabama Safari Park have petting zoos where children can get more interaction with the animals. Read more about Petting Zoo »

Drive-Thru Safari

Finding activities that will keep children engaged and happy can be challenging. You can only visit the amusement park or the beach so many times before your children ask for something new. Fortunately, organizations like Alabama Safari Park offer something different and unique. If you live in AL, FL, TN, and GA, you can drive to the park and spend a day interacting with animals. The park offers an excellent safari for kids and adults alike. Read more about Drive-Thru Safari »
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