Animal Feeding

At Alabama Safari Park, you can not only observe and feed our animals from your vehicle, but you can also have some of them eating out of the palm of your hand while exploring the village walk-thru! From extremely tall giraffes to tiny parrots, we offer opportunities to interact closely with many of our animals!


Giraffe Feeding

The giraffe feeding is a highlight of any zoo trip!

A wheelchair-accessible ramp leads to the covered platform, bringing you to eye level with the giraffe. Guests can feed the giraffes out of their hands with romaine lettuce available at the gift shop.

Budgie Feeding

Surround yourself with tiny parrots in the Budgie Adventure Aviary. The colorful birds will perch on your hand, especially if you have a feed stick for them to munch on. Get your budgie feed sticks for $2.00 each at the Safari Gift Shop.

Farm Animal Feeding

The petting area gives the kids the chance to touch and feed cute and friendly farm animals like potbellied pigs, baby llamas and goats.