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Picture Perfect Giraffe

Quick Facts

Conservation status : Vulnerable
The month of World Giraffe Week : July
Female giraffes’ average height : 14-16 feet
Male giraffes’s maximum weight : 4,250 pounds

Our Giraffes

All our giraffes at Alabama Safari Park are reticulated giraffes. Native to the Horn of Africa, they are recognizable by their distinct coat pattern of large spots outlined with white lines.

In the Wild

Approximately 8,500 reticulated giraffes reside in Somalia, southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. They live mainly in savannas, rainforests, woodlands and seasonal floodplains. Giraffes rarely lie down to sleep but rather doze throughout the day.


Reticulated giraffes’ status is vulnerable. One of the subspecies of giraffe suffering population decline, their primary threats in the wild are habitat loss and degradation, illegal hunting and poaching. We partner with conservation organizations in Africa to protect giraffes in their native lands.

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Learn What the Giraffe Eats

Taking advantage of their height, giraffes use their long, black tongues to grab leaves and new shoots from the tops of trees. Reticulated giraffes eat more than 75 pounds of vegetation every day but they drink only a few times a week and can go weeks at a time without any water.

Feed the giraffes

Tour the Animal’s Habitat

You can get an eye-to-eye view of our giraffes and feed them by climbing to the platform of our Giraffe Tower.

Visit the giraffe tower

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