Safari Drive-Thru

View wild animals from the comfort of your own vehicle in the most natural environment possible!

Take a drive on the wild side! In the safari, you'll be able to see animals roam naturally over 350 acres.

The animals are free to run, play, jump, frolic, and swim as they wish! Drive your vehicle over three miles of maintained gravel road and feed the animals through your windows! But don't be in a hurry. The animals often block your path...or lay flat-out in the sun...the choice is theirs! If you miss any animals or want to take a snack break, make another drive-through. You can Safari Again on the same day as your visit.

Not only are our animals free to roam, but they follow their instincts. You'll see the animals as you've never seen them before. You'll see males spar and challenge each other for the attention of the females. You may see mothers and babies. Sometimes visitors are lucky enough to observe a birth in progress and watch as the baby takes its first steps!

Animal Interaction Is the Focus

We encourage interaction by allowing visitors to feed the animals with our specialty grain mixture. Our staff is dedicated to helping guests appreciate our animals in the beautiful and natural setting of Alabama.

The experience of having a huge camel or deer only inches away, feeding from your bucket, is virtually impossible to describe. This unique animal encounter park appeals to all ages and is quickly becoming one of the region's top attractions.

Come see why people keep returning again and again – and bringing their friends!

Feed the Camels

Buy a bucket of food for the safari drive-thru. Learn more