Photography Policy

The Alabama Safari Park encourages visitors to take personal video or still photographs while enjoying their visit at the Alabama Safari Park. All images and videos taken by guests, patrons, employees and volunteers are allowed free of charge so long as the images and videos are used for a personal, noncommercial purpose. All photographs should be taken from designated visitor viewing areas. The Alabama Safari Park has the right, in its sole discretion, to withhold or withdraw consent to photograph and video or to reproduce photographs or video of Alabama Safari Park and related property, which includes zoo exhibits, animals and buildings.

By entering the Alabama Safari Park, all guests, patrons, employees and volunteers agree that photographs and videos of animals and other property at the Alabama Safari Park may not be used for commercial profit (i.e., financial gain), for publicity, or for any other purpose that commercially or publicly exploits the photos and videos, including posting the images on the internet.

All trademarks, service marks, logos, images and facilities of the Alabama Safari Park are the sole property of The Alabama Safari Park and may not be used, reproduced, displayed or distributed without the written consent of the Alabama Safari Park. If you would like to take photos/film/video at the Alabama Safari Park for a commercial purpose, you may submit a request in writing to the Alabama Safari Park at least two weeks prior to the date of the intended photo/film/video shoot. Please contact the Alabama Safari Park at (540) 291-3205 for more information on obtaining permission.